Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

The “RBI” stands for the Reserve Bank of India. Established in 1935, RBI is the central bank of India. The bank acts as a prime regulator of national currency and

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

What is SEBI? SEBI stands for Securities and Exchange Board of India. Founded in 1992, SEBI is a regulatory body of India. It regulates the capital and securities market of

Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)

In 1999, the Indian central government formulated the FEMA Act to control import/export activities and manage cross-border payments. FEMA is an abbreviation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act. With the

Currency Futures In India

What is currency futures? The act of hedging a currency risk against price fluctuations in the currency market by entering into a futures contract is called currency futures. Currency futures

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